Transformation Sister

Transformation Sisters: Thing Thing (left) and I

I first met Thing Thing at a Clove&Clive, a spiritual meditation centre preaching conscious living and conscious loving. We share the love of a wonderful game called the Transformation Game. We have played the game (together and individually) so many times that I’ve have lost count.

The Transformation Game is essentially a board game, not just any board game, but a spiritual game that guides players to face whatever is going on in their lives with full authenticity. The game is a powerful tool that offers insights into the physical,emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Facilitating a game in Aug 2010 (Photo courtesy of Alycia Tee)

Together, we shared our experiences of the game after playing them. From observation, we saw that those who chose to integrate what they learned from the game improved aspects of their lives and slowly, transformed their way of doing things and of being in the world!

Loving the game so much (having played since 2007), Thing Thing and I bought a board each and sometimes facilititated the game for friends. Sometime in 2010, we toyed with the idea of becoming certified game facilitators and went about researching where the training is offered closest to our home country.

To cut a long story short, Thing Thing and I decided that it would be beneficial for us to organise it in Malaysia instead, as the cost would be more affordable.

So, here it is: our announcement on The Transformation Game Facilitators Training that we are co-organising this September 2011 in Malaysia!

To read more about the transformation game, click here for a good description.

You can also read more about the game on the Findhorn Foundation website, and find more information on worldwide trainings on Innerlinks.


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