My 12 Awesome Firsts of 2012

As the year 2012 comes to a close, I find myself looking back on the good and the bad that happened throughout the year. Today, I’m doing a post about 12 Awesome Firsts, inspired by Stephanie Van Den Driesen and her friend, Megan Chng, on Facebook.

I made this year a year of gratitude – no matter what life threw my way, I put up reflective posts on Facebook all the time; posts about gratitude, hope, wonder, compassion, kindness, love and discovering your true self.

It’s not been easy, looking for the good, when many times I was feeling exhausted, burnt out, dejected, disappointed or downright frustrated. But you know what, because I didn’t take the easy way out to just whine about life and do nothing about it (okay, I still whine sometimes, I’m not perfect! It helps me get the frustrations out of my system), I found life more beautiful the next day when I woke up… refreshed to face the world again.

Through this experimentation, I truly discovered the truth in this adage, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. And that’s what life is all about – turning ‘misfortune’ or bad circumstances into something that works for us. Because we will always find a way.

So, here’s my 12 Awesome Firsts of 2012!

12. Attended my first RAINBOW RETREAT. Explored 6 awesome colours, surrounded by 6 inspiring people and having 3 beautiful, colourful meals a day – it was a camp worth investing in! I delved deeper into colour coaching and uncovered long forgotten corners of my true self. Shine on, ColourFools!


11. Watched the WICKED the musical in Singapore. It was during a lovely Birthday trip there in February, and it was awesomex1000!!! Other things I did in Singapore – the Titanic exhibition and the Harry Potter exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. A journey of wonder…

10. Baked my first CUPCAKES. Carrots, pumpkin and chocolate (not all in one, of course). Yummy!


09. Went to Johor Premium Outlets x 3. Bought my first leather Oroton bag, Coach bag, Clarks shoe, Fossil watch and more. Well, what can I say? I’m an enjoyer of FINE THINGS!

08. DRESSES, Dresses and more dresses! For some reason, I started wearing more dresses this year. Not only do they fit my body shape well, they are fuss-free, one piece wonders and my wardrobe has been filling up with pretty frills, colourful pleats and varied hemlines.

07. Saved up and bought my first Canon DSLR (second-hand, no doubt). Throw in a photography workshop and a photography trip, and voila! Meet Ai Jou: budding photography enthusiast!

06. Did BIG girl things like planning  my first trip out of town. No hubby, no friends, just me and Mummy on a light and easy trip. I also fulfilled dreams of a VACATION with no itinerary planned (Ho Chi Minh City, Dec 2012). It was interesting to be so independently carefree yet trusting! More, please!


05. Faced up to facts of life. ~Death, when news of a colleague’s suicide impacted my life. ~Sickness and Longevity, when my Mum was admitted to the emergency room due to a health scare. ~Crime, when my iPad was snatched easily from a restaurant while having dinner and ~Natural Disaster, when I experienced a flood at my condo, one which damaged lots of cars and some property. Why is this an Awesome First? Because it is a reminder not to take life for granted, life is short so get your PRIORITIES straight and BE THERE to LOVE your loved ones, always.

04. Won BEST DRESSED (third prize) for the first time in my life, ever!

03. Embarked on a more ORGANIC and NATURAL lifestyle. I find this an important investment for health and wellness in the future. Organic shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, laundry detergent and groceries. Not to mention, a timely introduction to Young Living essential oils – nature’s medicine closet – with their wonderful aroma, pure grade and treatment efficacy!

02. Coached 3 INTERNS this year. Witnessed their transformation and blossoming into their true PASSIONS. It’s a real joy developing people and helping them realise their full potentials!

01. Fulfilled my LEADERSHIP resolutions for the year. Was chairing company-wide projects, leading a team of up to 20 people. It was a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)-type of challenge, yet it was so satisfying to see the project(s) come into fruition and achieving success!

To all the people out there who were on this journey of 2012, thank you, Thank You and THANK YOU! You enrich my life and I’m fully gald to be alive livin this journey with you!

Looking forward to an awesome 2013 of even bigger dreams coming true for the new ME and the new YOU!


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