Gratitude (4 Jan 2014)

Today, I am grateful for…


  • … a beautiful home that was just redecorated with a new sofa, curtains and washing machine.
  • … my husband’s strong financial situation – he recently forked out a large sum of money for furniture, appliances and decor, even though I couldn’t afford to pay him back.

  • … not being blamed for (possibly) being the cause that the washing machine is no longer functioning.
  • … my hubby’s willingness to be my partner in home improvement. He talks through decisions with me and gets me involved in the decision-making, choice of colours and delivery schedules.
  • … my dutiful hubby who is willing to fetch me here and there to get my car fixed, or send items for recycling.


  • … authentic, spiritual friends whom I can be myself with. Today, I attended the annual Clove&Clive gift exchange gathering. In the sharing session before the exchange, everyone shared authentically from their heart, in their own way. I’m grateful to be able to appreciate everyone’s uniqueness.
  • … being accepted unconditionally by the group.
  • Tuck Loon‘s guidance and further prompting that enabled each participant to ponder and share their realisations deeper.


  • … a great brunch at Awesome Canteen and the blessings of talented friends and kindred spirits like Diane and Dora Ong
You can only find awesome yumminess at Awesome Canteen
(Top) Paleo Beef Burger (no bun, no carbs!), (bottom left) Acai berry and pomegranate tea, (bottom right) Spaghetti Pesto with Chicken
yummy homemade goodness
Banana and walnut muffin baked by the chef herself – Diane Ong
(Photo from
  • … wonderful, meaningful gifts like the books I received at the Clove&Clive Gift Exchange: The Inner Journey by Osho and The Stone Boy and other stories by Thich Nhat Hanh
Grateful for thoughtful books received

“Love is not something to be obtained from the outside. Love is the music of your inner being. Nobody can give you love. Love can arise within you, but it cannot be obtained from the outside. There is no shop, no market, no salesman from whom you can purchase love. Love cannot be purchased, at any price.

Love is an inner flowering. It arises from some dormant energy within, yet all of us search for love on the outside. But all of us search for love in the beloved…”

– Osho

Thank you, for a lovely Saturday. I am truly, deeply grateful. 


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