A quiet 2014 CNY celebration

It’s been a relatively quiet Chinese New Year (CNY).

My hubby, Desmond’s family, is pretty much out of the CNY scene because we are still observing 100 days of mourning for beloved Grandpa. So there’s no angpows (red packets with money) to give out, no visiting of friends and relatives, no open house and no travelling back to my hometown.

We ordered healthy Yee Sang with added salmon sashimi from Sakae Sushi

But being Chinese New Year, we had the obligatory reunions with close members of the family. Grandma still cooked up a storm for the family so we ate to our hearts’ content. We watched television and played card games till our heads nodded in the stifling tropical heat. The card decks that I bought, Monopoly Deal and Guillotine, paid off their ROI for the hours of fun we had.

Desmond’s cousin Heidi and her niece Sabrina

A few relatives dropped by to pay a courtesy visit: Auntie May and family, Grandauntie and family and a group of relatives from Grandma’s side. It was a stark contrast from our celebration last year when Grandpa was still around, when Auntie Doris was back and definitely a more rousing Yee Sang toss than the one this year.

2014 was definitely one of the most relaxing Chinese New Years the family has had, one that we truly needed after all that’s happened in the past few months. After Grandpa’s passing in November, Desmond’s maternal Grandma was hospitalised for a heart attack in December, while the flu and cough bugs accompanied me into the new year of 2014. So, I am thankful for the restful occasion we are having and that everyone still has the chance to get together as a family again for reunion and celebration, quiet as it may be.

It is the Lunar New Year all the same, so let me wish you:

Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Horse usher in good health, abundance, joy and harmony to you & your family!


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