100 Happy Days, beginning 4 March

Inspired by a friend who started her 100 Happy Days photo journal on Facebook, I decided to begin mine on 4 March via Instagram.

Just a few days in, I noticed how my mind had a tendency to whine and complain. What’s worse, those things I’m complaining about were the stuff that I wanted to post into social media channels.

Like the instance when I found plastic chips in the pickled vegetables (acar in Malay) at the local Nyonya restaurant.

Or the bad traffic jam on the way to KL which was, ironically, caused by the heavy rain that everyone was praying for.

And there are lots more that I am unhappy about: the haze, the water rationing, my procrastination, the accumulating workload, and so on

But since starting the 100 Happy Days project, I’ve been consciously looking for things that make me happy. The good news is, it has really put me in a positive frame of mind. Best of all, it’s slowly changing my mindset, from complaining, to daily gratitude.

Check out the 100 Happy Days challenge at http://www.100happydays.com

Day 1: An unexpected roadtrip

Day 2: Left office before night fell and caught a hint of blue sky and citrus cloud. In the midst of the haze, am really grateful for this

Day 3: Nothing cheers me up more than a big bowl of soupy goodness


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