Book Quote | The Lost Symbol

Today, I have finally completed listening to the audio book of The Lost Symbol, and in the final chapter, this quote hit me hard:

“All around the world, we are gazing skyward, waiting for God…never realizing that God is waiting for us. We are creators and yet we naively play the role of ‘the created.’ We see ourselves as helpless sheep buffeted around by the God who made us. We kneel like frightened children, begging for help, for forgiveness, for good luck. But once we realize that we are truly created in the Creator’s image, we will start to understand that we too must be Creators. When we understand this fact, the doors will burst wide open for human potential.”
Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol

I have read two of Dan Brown’s books and I’m often intrigued by his exciting tales of criminal adventures, puzzle-solving, symbolisms, rituals, masonic brotherhood and law enforcement.

However, I found myself being afraid to begin his books because I knew I could never put it down so easily, due to the cliff-hanging chapters that make your hand automatically turn to the next page. His books are quite thick too, and would take many days (or plenty of sleepless nights) to read.

Lucky for me, I chanced upon someone who was selling a preloved copy of the audio book, an abridged version of The Lost Symbol in 5 CDs (17 hours) read by Paul Michael.

Having an abridged version made me happy because it meant that I could get the gist of the story in a shorter time frame. I listened to the audio book in the car while driving to and from work and it proved entertaining enough.

I was filled with wonder when I ended the book today, because something happened to me a few months ago and I feel compelled to share it with you.

Sometime in the beginning of 2016, I wrote down all my TBR (to-be-read) titles and placed it in a box. I got the idea from other book nerds and whenever I wasn’t sure what I would read next, I could draw a book title from this box.

The most curious thing is, The Lost Symbol came up 3 consecutive times when I went to seek inspiration for what next to read (I even shook the box thoroughly to ensure the papers are mixed well). This seemed too much to be a coincidence, so I heeded the ‘advice’. Instead of reading the book which was quite thick, I embarked on the audio book instead.

Little did I know that the reason why I was meant to read The Lost Symbol was this quote as featured above, a poignant and timely reminder that I am the creator of my world and my experiences.

Again, it’s certainly a sign I cannot ignore when I read the same message written in an anecdote in another book, Eat, Pray Love Made Me Do It: Life Journeys Inspired by the Bestselling Memoir just last night!


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