{Food Review} Cantaloupe Sky Dining

I’ve always had a secret dream to be a food reviewer/blogger, but often find myself failing at taking beautiful photos of food as I just can’t wait to taste it! Good eats, I’ve realised, is something that must look good for the eyes, as well as the palate. I’m always impressed with those who have taken great photos of the cuisine, but often wondered whether the servings are cold after making it pose pretty for the multiple photo angles.

I also deduce that food reviewers are armed with 3 things (which I aspire to achieve): (1) a good camera + decent photography skills (2) an eye for detail (3) a good memory to recall how certain foods apply to the taste buds, not just at present but also in comparison to others they have tasted in the past.

I’m no food reviewer, but sometimes I pretend to be one when I come across great food in a good location. It also serves as my personal recommendation for you to try out some unique cuisine which won’t create a dent in your wallet. Read on for today’s experience.

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Jamie Oliver’s Italian Herb Pesto Pasta with Grilled Vegetables

It was a lazy Saturday night in. Amidst a busy weekend filled with workshops, meetings and 2 family gatherings, I managed to spare time to cook a very quick and simple dinner composed of, essentially, pasta and grilled vegetables.

The ‘glamour’ factor of the dinner was Jamie Oliver’s Italian Herb Pesto ready-made sauce. I love my pestos, and I am still experimenting with various store-bought ready-made sauces.

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