From Dust to Dusk

Hello readers! I’m back after a short hiatus.

So, what kept me busy? In July, there was a personal trip with friends to celebrate our other halves’ 40th birthday. Following that, my family and I travelled to Phuket for the wedding of my second cousin. September beckoned next with some long holidays, so my hubby and I went on a short getaway to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. I’ve also been busy writing up a series of articles about my trip to Central Vietnam earlier this year. I plan to feature more Travel posts in my blog, but have been overcome by the procrastinating devil. But rest assured, I’ve saved a few blog posts in the Draft which I will publish very soon!

I have also been busy continuing with my decluttering the KonMari way. I’m glad to say that I managed to get out of my decluttering rut, moved past Kitchen and now I’m onto Accessories/ Jewellery and will move onto Sentimental items soon. (By the way, the reason those words are bold is because these are actually sub-categories in the KonMari method. If you don’t know about the method already, here’s a good intro article by Dr. Christiane Northrup.)

While driving home from work last week, I saw this absolutely gorgeous sunset in my neighbourhood. I am always in awe with sunsets, they make me so happy and wistful at the same time. There’s something about the changing of day to night which is so magical, I think. Right after I took the photo, I wrote a short fictional prose for the photo. Go on, read it and tell me what do you think?


Sister Day, Brother Night

Day lit up the sky in fiery hues and dressed itself in golden tones in honour of its last hour awake. She will not go without a grand celebration. Soon, she must gently step aside for Night to enter, sashaying in with grace. Night carries with him the velvety blanket of darkness, quickly enshrouding the sky, merely dotting it with pinholes of starlight and reflections of planets afar.

“Have a good run,” Day said to Night, winking her last light at him as she exits gracefully.

“Have a good rest,” Night replied, as he blew a light breeze to cool her down. “I shall see you, sister, in 12 hours,” he whispered. “Sweet dreams.”


2016 Birthday

Well, 2016 has been a really special Chinese New Year first day and birthday, a 2-in-1 celebration.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by on my Facebook wall to wish me Happy Birthday and also to all those who sent personal Whatsapp messages or called. Being such a busy time, I appreciate your messages even more, so thank you!

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100 Happy Days, beginning 4 March

Inspired by a friend who started her 100 Happy Days photo journal on Facebook, I decided to begin mine on 4 March via Instagram.

Just a few days in, I noticed how my mind had a tendency to whine and complain. What’s worse, those things I’m complaining about were the stuff that I wanted to post into social media channels.

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A quiet 2014 CNY celebration

It’s been a relatively quiet Chinese New Year (CNY).

My hubby, Desmond’s family, is pretty much out of the CNY scene because we are still observing 100 days of mourning for beloved Grandpa. So there’s no angpows (red packets with money) to give out, no visiting of friends and relatives, no open house and no travelling back to my hometown.

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Gratitude (4 Jan 2014)

Today, I am grateful for…


  • … a beautiful home that was just redecorated with a new sofa, curtains and washing machine.
  • … my husband’s strong financial situation – he recently forked out a large sum of money for furniture, appliances and decor, even though I couldn’t afford to pay him back.

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She (ELLE) Defines Herself

I read in the news recently that Malaysia will finally have its very own ELLE magazine, to be launched in March 2014. ELLE Malaysia will be published by Mongoose Publishing, which also publishes some  Malaysian and Singapore favourites such as Time Out KL / Singapore, Esquire KL / Singapore and Expatriate Lifestyle.

Elle Singapore, May 2011

I was surprised but elated to hear the news 🙂 I couldn’t remember a time back in my teenage years when I didn’t entertain myself with the glossy fashion, beauty and feature pages of a magazine, the likes of CLEO or Her World. I even dreamt of being a features writer for a beauty magazine some day (this dream is not yet realised, but someday, I would!)

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February recap

It’s March already! Here’s wishing you a Happy March!!!

Sorry reader, I’ve been meaning to update some posts in February, but it was a truly hectic month!

First there was my birthday on 8 February, which I took a day off work to savour and enjoy; I indulged in retail therapy at 1-Utama! Besides shopping for winter wear at Uniqlo with my aunts and sis-in-law, we also spent a long time at the bead shop looking for suitable beads and crystals for our dream necklaces and bracelets.

Had my birthday lunch with family here
Had my birthday lunch with in-laws here
Dinner and birthday love from family
Dinner and birthday love from family

Then, in preparation for Chinese New Year on 10 February, a short trip to Kampar to visit my Mum’s relatives and a vacation to Hanoi from 15 to 19 February, I had to rush all the urgent tasks at work before I disappeared for my 12-day vacation. The vacation was really fun, but ‘working the mill’ like a madwoman, was not!

CNY greetings from Desmond and I
Desmond's friends who came visiting
Desmond’s friends who came visiting
So, February flew past in no time. Though it was the joyous occasion of celebrating the Lunar New Year, I had my fair share of increased stress from  hectic preparations, tiredness from travelling and unhealthy eating and drinking, which is out of the norm for me.
A healthier Yee Sang from Sakae Sushi
A healthier Yee sang from Sakae Sushi
After celebrating the first few days of Chinese New Year, I unpacked and packed once again for my first visit to Hanoi, Vietnam and Haiphong, a port city in Vietnam. It was a special trip to celebrate one of the biggest days in my younger brother’s life: his engagement to a Vietnamese young woman. Fate has brought them together and I’m very happy for them.
Our family photo with the 9 trays of gifts
Our family photo with the 9 trays of gifts
My brother, W (left), with his best man, J and the father-of-the-bride
My brother, W (left), with his best man, J and the father-of-the-bride
The happy couple
The happy couple

For the full set of the photos from the engagement ceremony, click here to view the album on Facebook.

My 12 Awesome Firsts of 2012

As the year 2012 comes to a close, I find myself looking back on the good and the bad that happened throughout the year. Today, I’m doing a post about 12 Awesome Firsts, inspired by Stephanie Van Den Driesen and her friend, Megan Chng, on Facebook.

I made this year a year of gratitude – no matter what life threw my way, I put up reflective posts on Facebook all the time; posts about gratitude, hope, wonder, compassion, kindness, love and discovering your true self.

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