She (ELLE) Defines Herself

I read in the news recently that Malaysia will finally have its very own ELLE magazine, to be launched in March 2014. ELLE Malaysia will be published by Mongoose Publishing, which also publishes some  Malaysian and Singapore favourites such as Time Out KL / Singapore, Esquire KL / Singapore and Expatriate Lifestyle.

Elle Singapore, May 2011

I was surprised but elated to hear the news 🙂 I couldn’t remember a time back in my teenage years when I didn’t entertain myself with the glossy fashion, beauty and feature pages of a magazine, the likes of CLEO or Her World. I even dreamt of being a features writer for a beauty magazine some day (this dream is not yet realised, but someday, I would!)

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My 12 Awesome Firsts of 2012

As the year 2012 comes to a close, I find myself looking back on the good and the bad that happened throughout the year. Today, I’m doing a post about 12 Awesome Firsts, inspired by Stephanie Van Den Driesen and her friend, Megan Chng, on Facebook.

I made this year a year of gratitude – no matter what life threw my way, I put up reflective posts on Facebook all the time; posts about gratitude, hope, wonder, compassion, kindness, love and discovering your true self.

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